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About Our Program

We are honored to cultivate a welcoming and inclusive barn environment that fosters authentic support for riders and our horses. Our trainers implement coaching techniques by

understanding and accepting each rider where they are in their journey and creating a plan to achieve their individualized goals. We utilize consistent groundwork as the foundation for producing responsive and thoughtful horses. In doing so, we nurture our horses' natural desire for safe guidance and a developing partnership. We take pride in training horses to be independently confident, reliable, and well-rounded performance horses.  


Annelise Appleseth

At the age of twelve she began her riding career in the American Quarter Horse world. Her first horse was an appendix named Cashy Cash Flow, also known as Ruby. Together they competed in the hunter ring and even competed in a few three-day events! Annelise attended Iowa State University, and graduated with a BS in Animal Science. While in Iowa she started AJA Equestrian and coached the Iowa State IEA Hunter/Jumper team. In 2016 Annelise and her husband relocated to Reno, Nevada. They have three very active dogs that constantly keep them on their toes! Her Warmblood broodmares have produced homebred foals that are all high quality, friendly temperaments, and will mature to be competitive performance horses. Outside of the barn Annelise has many hobbies including but not limited to, knitting, gardening, making rope halters, handcrafted horse hair jewelry, and even breeding mini rex rabbits! 

Greg Gilbert

Born and raised in the Reno area, Greg has created connections in the horseman community that impacted his passion for starting quality versatile horses. His background in moving and working cattle on the BLM in Nevada is the foundation of his desire to start horses that are reliable and responsive under saddle. Greg utilizes groundwork practices that engages the horse's mind in order to build the horse's understanding of respect, expectations, and patience. As a part of our team Greg works with young horses, horses in training, and teaching our riders practical horsemanship ground skills. In his spare time Greg raises a small herd of Angus cattle on his property. He is always accompanied by his side-kicks Roxy and Hailey, who are his long time trusted border collies!